SMD Amp Dyno (AD-1)

SMD Amp Dyno (AD-1)

  • $3,499.99

The AD-1 Amplifier Dyno is a tool that is designed to be used any place an amplifier exists. It can be used in a lab or production line to test true amplifier power output, quickly and easily. The operator of the AD-1 does not need to be an engineer to use it. It is simple menu driven, does not require a computer, and cannot be cheated as the load banks are internal. It can be used in an automotive audio install shop to test true amplifier output while the amplifier is installed in the customer's vehicle. This is very beneficial to shops that want to sell their customer the best product possible. Now shops don't have to rely on manufacture's sometimes overrated specifications. It also enables installers to measure how much power was gained from adding a better battery, doing charging system upgrades, as well as wiring upgrades. No more guessing, no more hearsay. A ruler now exists to actually measure it!

The inputs to the AD-1 are fully differential and as such can accommodate automotive amplifiers, home and pro amplifiers, simple headunit amplifiers, whether bridged or single ended. 10 different purely resistive load impedances can be selected for testing.

The load system is comprised of a bank of "braking resistors" typically found on light rail systems and bullet trains as the brakes! The load bank's temperature is continuously monitored by the high speed digital microprocessor and fans can be employed if needed.

The AD-1 Amplifier Dyno has 5 modes of operation:

  • In Certified Mode, the AD-1 uses our patented DD-1 distortion detection system to know if the power it is measuring is clean power. The input signal to the amplifier is ramped up until the AD-1 measures > 1.0% harmonic distortion and takes its final power reading and battery voltage readings at that point. Power measured is clean "RMS" power.
  • In Uncertified Mode the AD-1 uses a patent pending technology that ignores harmonic distortions and noise and "looks" for clipping. When the AD-1 measures clipping of the signal that would generate > 1.0% distortion it takes its final power measurement and battery voltage readings at that point. This is useful for amplifiers that are inherently noisy (like some Class D amplifiers and headunits) that could "false trigger" the distortion detection system used in Certified Mode. Power measured is clean "RMS" power.
  • In Dynamic Power Mode the AD-1 uses industry standard bursted signals and captures the power generated by the amplifier during these quick bursts. The high speed microprocessor and patent pending clipping detection system working seamlessly together are able to read the clean "RMS" power output from the amplifier during these very short bursts. (20mS for the 1kHz test, and 100mS for the 40Hz test)
  • In DD-1+ mode, the AD-1 can be used to setup a system's gain structure allowing the user to precisely set amplifier gain overlap. This ensures the end user will not be able to overdrive their system. This reduces returns and warranties tremendously!
  • In Meters Mode, the AD-1 can be used as a AC voltmeter that measures in dBV, or decibel volts. This is particularly useful if the user has a fully variable signal generator handy (such as our IM-SG). The signal generator can be plugged into the audio system's inputs, the AD-1 connected to the audio system's outputs. You just made a spectrum analyzer! Very handy to check frequency response of factory audio system outputs. We are confident you will find other uses for this versatile feature.


Power Requirements: 9 - 26 Vdc, 2 Amps

Dimensions: Standard 19" Rack 3U, 17 inches deep

Approximately 40 pounds

Power Handling in Stereo Mode:*

2500 Watts X 2 into 8 ohms
5000 Watts X 2 into 4 ohms
5000 Watts X 2 into 2.7 ohms
6000 Watts X 2 into 2 ohms
7500 Watts X 2 into 1.6 ohms
9000 Watts X 2 into 1.3 ohms
12000 Watts X 2 into 1.0 ohm

Power Handling in Mono Mode:*

5000 Watts X 1 into 4 ohms
10000 Watts X 1 into 2 ohms
10000 Watts X 1 into 1.3 ohms
15000 Watts X 1 into 1.0 ohm
15000 Watts X 1 into 0.8 ohms
18000 Watts X 1 into 0.6 ohms
24000 Watts X 1 into 0.5 ohms

* = Must use AD-1 test tracks (included on CD) Can be ripped to your favorite format if desired.<br/ >